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We assist our couples in deciding which is the best destination for them and their guests.  Factors such as preferred dates, number of anticipated guests, locations of interest, weather, budget, backdrop/landscape, are all considered to come up with different options for you. 

Resort selection

We work with you and your partner to identify the ideal resort for your wedding party.  Every year we visit several resorts around the world to experience first hand these destinations and bring you the most up to date information about them.

Wedding Party
Group Benefits

Our experience and relations in the industry allow us to negotiate attractive hotel group rates, room upgrades and in-room amenities, complimentary rooms for you and your partner and free events as part of your wedding celebration, to mention a few.    


A Destination Wedding is a wedding celebration in a gorgeous location away from your hometown.  A Destination Wedding allows you to extend your celebration from only a couple of hours to as many days as you wish, it is also an effective way to reduce your guest count, maximize your budget and most important create a lifetime of memories with your loved ones.  But where to start?

If you are attracted to the idea of a Destination Wedding but do not want to spend countless hours selecting a destination, researching resort sites, and most of all figuring out how the different wedding packages work, you have come to the right place.  Our goal is to guide you through the entire process and provide you with a stress free wedding.

Our services include:

Private Parties
Guests Logistics

Once the location of the wedding has been determined, we will communicate with your guests and organize their travel arrangements to your wedding.  We will take care of every detail of their trip to make sure their trip to your wedding is as memorable as yours. 

Activities and Tours

Our local expertise allows us to create customized group experiences for your wedding group.  Private tours, community service projects, Catamaran/yacht rentals, rehearsal dinners, are some of the activities that we can put together to enhance your wedding trip. 

Special Requests

Does anyone in your family require special accommodations? Are your guests from different parts of the world? Do you have special food requests? Share with us what your dream wedding looks like and we will make it happen!

Corporate Events
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